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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we're about an hour away from the first vice presidential debate between governor mike pence and senator tim kaine. will that debate influence the vote? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the answer is no. good night, everyone. [ laughter ] not really, not really. i'm here for the hour. but we always tell you the truth. and the truth is the american people will not change their votes based upon anything pence and kaine might say this evening. the two presidential candidates are so much larger than life, it all depends on them, not their
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seconds. in my lifetime only sarah palin brought enough charisma to benefit her ticket. >> i love those hockey moms. they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? lipstick. >> but as you'll remember governor palin ran into trouble with her frame of reference how much she knew about the world. she did, however, put a scare into the democratic party and initially helped john mccain. other than that, the v.p. candidates have been pretty much used as surrogates. does anyone remember what joe biden said to paul ryan or visa versa four years ago? anyone? tonight will be interesting because of the joust. who is quicker on the draw. again, it will not influence the vote. so, all eyes will turn to sunday night. round 2 between hillary clinton and donald trump. polling this week not good news for the trump campaign. many americans apparently believing that hillary clinton won the first debate and she has gained in most
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of the polling. also, donald trump remains on defense while the miss universe thing is going away, the tax deal remains big. yesterday in colorado, trump defended his big tax write-off in 1995. >> as a major real estate developer in this country and throughout the world, i faced enormous taxes, city taxes, state taxes, employee taxes, federal taxes, vat taxes in different countries. it's my job, always, to minimize the overall tax burden to the greatest extent possible, which allows me to reinvest in neighborhood workers, building amazing structures all over the place. and it fuels the tremendous growth in various communities throughout the united states. >> now, that makes sense. as we reported last night, corporations take big losses all the time. and that's what mr. trump did. the fact that he turned his
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companies around, to make big profits after he had financial trouble, is to his credit, is it not? but we all know that the two debate mod ter rarts on sunday, martha raddatz and anderson cooper will try to paint trump as a greed head who doesn't care about his country. that presents an interesting challenge to the candidate. trump must calmly, i repeat, calmly state his case that his economic vision on taxes and everything else will benefit the country. if donald trump goes on defense, and lashes out in any way at all, he'll lose the second debate. if that happens, well, i think we all know how the november vote will turn out. but mr. trump is a talented communicator. so it would be foolish for anyone to count him out at this point. but he needs a big win on sunday, not just holding his own. if he gets that big win, the polls will turn around
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because hillary clinton still has not really defined herself to independent american voters who will decide the election. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction, joining us from washington brit hume. didn't we just see you? [ laughter ] >> you were reading mean tweets and now you are here. >> i was, yeah. >> do you agree that the v.p. debate, while entertaining and people should watch to be informed, not going to really matter though that much? >> well, one way it could matter, bill, is remember how many vice presidents have gone on to become presidents. you get kind of an early audition here of somebody who may before too long be in the race for the oval office itself or if something terrible should happen could end up becoming president during the term of the next elected president. >> true. but, with these two monster candidates, the vote in what
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five weeks? less than five weeks. >> yeah. >> there is nothing that pence or kaine could say tonight that could change anybody's mind. it's either trump or clinton. >> well, there is a possibility that one of these candidates can open up a line of attack against the other or a line of defense against their own candidate that might prove useful in the ongoing argument going forward. but beyond that, there has never been a case that i can think of where a vice presidential debate could be shown to have mattered in the outcome on election day. >> i'm really trying to think of anything. all i remember about biden four years ago is he had this laugh that scared me. you know, the clown thing that everybody is -- clown now running around? >> he had that slightly diabolical grin and if you don't like him you think it's diabolical you think it's friendly. >> even if you do like him you thought it was diabolical. and, ryan, he was sober and
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he was credible but nobody remembers anything. now, almost 50% of the american population according to polls don't know who pence or kaine are. they don't know him. i don't know if we are going to get big numbers tonight on this debate. >> it will probably be on everyone. people are interested in this election. they will watch for a while and may be curiosity from these two men from people who don't know them and they will be better known after this for sure. >> you have interviewed both of them? >> i haven't interviewed kaine. i have interviewed mike pence. i know kaine. i live in the state where he serves and also where he was governor. i have known him a long time but i don't think i have ever interviewed him. >> no. he doesn't do a lot of interviews. i interviewed pence as well. he stayed on message no matter what i did. >> does he ever. >> i wanted to mess up his hair. he was on satellite so i couldn't. that would be the only way to shock him. >> that might help. >> no matter what you ask
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him it's okay, is larry byrd better than magic johnson? well, trump,. >> he is a very decent guy. >> very disciplined. >> he has been a true blue conservative for a long time. he has not, in this campaign at least, been a particularly good interview for people like you and me. >> no. the same thing with kaine. kaine is a party man, a democrat has gotten him in to trouble because is he a devout catholic and some of the catholic doctrine does not jive up with the liberal secular movement that the democrats have embraced. that may present a problem if pence were to go after that i don't know whether he will or not. i don't expect the moderator to really add too much. i'm not diminishing her. i'm just saying that, you know, if you go into the personal zones about religion, that would be a departure from what these people usually do. so, when you are watching the debate, i expect and tell me if i am wrong here, i expect pence to basically
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defend trump, but stay away from the miss universe and all that stuff. defend him on the taxes. defend him on other things that have gotten him in to a little trouble. and then kaine to go on the attack. kaine is going to attack, attack, attack. so that pence is going to be like the wall and kaine is going to come in and try to attack him. that's how i see it. >> yeah. i'm sure that kaine will try to do that. although he is not a particularly combative guy. pence may be so more than he is look, there are going to be lines of attack that pence will certainly pursue on a range of issues. i don't think is he going -- he is not going to get involved in some of these side issues that seem to so attract the attention of mr. trump getting into a fuss about the miss universe and years gone by. he got lured into that. i don't think you will see pence do anything like that. >> i don't think so either. i see pence as more of trying to elevate trump where i don't see kaine trying to elevate hillary. he is going to go after trump. so it's -- the debate, interestingly enough, i
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predict, will be all about trump. last word. >> the whole campaign has been all about trump. >> yep. and that's how it will remain. >> that's why is he going to be live tweeting tonight. >> well, i hope he -- we're trying to get him on tomorrow. is he going to be in nevada. and we're going to try to get him on tomorrow. brit, thank you as always. next on the rundown democrat austan goolsbee will reply to brit and myself. later gutfeld and mcguirk and lisa and juan. the factor is coming right back. i can get over 60 sheets of drywall into my mercedes-benz metris. to get 60 sheets of drywall into my small van, i invented the fold-o-matic 5000. the (new) mercedes-benz metris worker. hauls more. stows more. and, at $25,995, saves more. add a low overall cost of ownership, and the metris worker can handle any business. starting at $25,995.
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continuing now with our lead story, donald trump falling behind in the polls as the vice presidential debate is set to begin in less than an hour. joining us now from chicago, austan goolsbee. okay, professor. you heard brit and me kicking it around. and i think that governor pence has a lot of credibility with the american people in both parties.
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would you agree that governor pence has credibility? >> has had credibility, yes. >> okay. >> there is a certain element of the republican party that they're questioning trump but thus far they have put some faith in pence. >> okay. so, pence has gravitas. i hate that word but he has gravitas because he ran the state of indiana well. and he comes across as a sober politician. >> i don't know about that. >> his approval rating. >> i agree with the second part but i don't know about the first. >> you are in illinois which is going to collapse any second by the way. sell your house. >> i got a view from indiana from here. you can see indiana from my house. >> yeah. let me give you some facts that governor pebs pence is a very popular governor in both parties in indiana and he ran the state very well. those are facts where your state of illinois is going to collapse. >> i will give it to you. >> thank you. >> your line of thinking raises what i call pence
5:14 pm
tonight -- 90% i agree with. >> you okay. >> 90%. but 10%. >> let me ask you another question. so with gravitas and with the successful tenure as governor in indiana, i believe that pence's plan tonight is to elevate donald trump to make sure that the audience knows that pence approves of his running mate and then puts forth why you should vote for him rather than tearing down hillary clinton. >> that's probably true. that's probably true. >> right. >> that does run in to what i have been thinking is pence is in a bit running up against what i call the smelly rubicon, which is the subunit of the last week. we had the tax returns. we had the miss universe. but there was this substory which was very prominent republicans criticizing trump. you saw reagan -- ronald reagan's son saying that he didn't think his father would have supported trump.
5:15 pm
and barbara bush herself saying she didn't think women -- that any woman should vote for him. if pence has to choose between backing up what trump had said this past week to keep trump happy, and to elevate trump, i think he -- that there is a danger that he alienates these traditional republicans who have been upset at trump. >> i don't know about that. look, pence. >> i think he is in trouble. >> i have interviewed pence and huma agrees with me stays on message. they have given him his message. this is what do you tonight. no matter what they throw is he going to come back there throw a barbara bush. she is entitled to her opinion mad about jeb. here is what trump will do. are you friends with kaine. >> i'm pretty good friends with kaine. >> you are? >> yeah. >> he comes across to me as a totally decent fellow. >> totally decent. >> so boring i don't know what to do. i almost cry. >> i know everyone says
5:16 pm
that. but what's weird is it's not actually true. >> he's not boring? >> he's not boring. >> no? >> i'm hoping. i'm hoping that he can change this perception a little bit. because i agree with you that. >> the perception is that he is boring. >> he has been a little boring but in real life is he not boring. >> the perception is when he opens his mouth dust comes out. do you know why? >> that's not the perception. >> i stole it from -- >> i think he can beat the expectation. >> why doesn't he do interviews with me? he doesn't do many interviews. they keep him away. why? he should be doing interviews with everybody. >> i don't know. maybe they don't like you. >> not just me. >> i come on your show. and you're tough, but you're fair. >> we made you a star. you're going to have your own program dancing with dopey college students. >> that's right. >> but kaine doesn't do any interviews from hardly anybody. i don't understand.
5:17 pm
>> i think you will probably see more. >> it's almost over. >> kaine is doing what he needed to do. >> which is what, be boring. >> go in to virginia and winning virginia for cleveland. he has all but done that. >> he doesn't need that because mcauliff is the governor and virginia will go for clinton, i think. >> always good to talk to you, doctor. thank you very much. we always appreciate it the vice presidential debate being held in farmville, virginia. something very special about farmville and we'll tell what you it is. later, los angeles police shoot a suspect dead. the video shows the guy had a gun. some protesters really don't care. those reports after these messages. love.
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impact segment tonight. poet hillary clinton and donald trump on the road today campaigning.
5:21 pm
this while their seconds tim kaine and mike pence are resting up for the debate which will begin shortly. the trump exposition today more of the same. >> clinton can't talk 'real problems facing our country because she's the one who helped create all of those problems in the first place. they're not going to be able to do anything about it. >> trump took on risks that devastated his businesses, his employees, the people who were contractors and the larger community in atlantic city. all while continuing to live like a billionaire. >> joining us now from farmville, virginia where the debate is taking place is lisa booth. here in new york city juan williams. do you know anything about farmville. >> yeah, i know a lot. i have been there. actually, i'm talking to you, american's historian you know about the battle of hybrid. >> very good. farmville one of the key battles at the end of the
5:22 pm
war. >> did he get extra brownie points for that. >> did you know that lisa farmville. >> i did but juan beat me to the chase. >> never, never. >> very interesting place if you are interested in the civil war you should go to farmville. all these places around it bloody, unbelievable. all right. now, the consensus is that both pence and kaine are boring. yes? >> no. >> no? you think they are exciting guys? >> they are exciting to certain constituencies. i think, for example, kaine, we're talking about the civil war. >> yeah. >> and if you think about place like this, you understand race is a central factor. civil war, in fact, and if you go down there, that's one of the places where brown v. board of education got started. >> what does this have to do with kaine being boring? >> kaine is not boring. he speaks spanish. >> you can be boring if you speak spanish. have you ever seen hooray rams? ohwhojorge him jorge ramos?
5:23 pm
>> i believe -- i agree with what you said earlier in the sense that this debate tonight is not going to move numbers. gallup even did the numbers looking at 1972082008. vice presidential debates and found that it did nothing or very little to nothing to actually change voter preference. and these candidates have already really done their job in the sense that you look at senator tim kaine helping hillary clinton, her attempt to shore up virginia. she has been leading in the polls in that state. you look at governor mike pence, he was brought in to help coalesce republicans behind donald trump. he helped secure the senator cruz inendorsement. >> try to get that message out. >> exactly. >> that trump isn't this crazy guy. isn't a misogynist, isn't a greed head. that is pence's mandate. and kaine is going to try to shake it. >> but i have got -- here, here, here is the other part of it, which is that i think
5:24 pm
that you have got to understand that they have got to clean up. i mean, trump had, you know, talk about someone's excellent adventure? he had a terrible week here debate, taxes. >> keep it positive. >> i think what pence has got to do, is he has got to try to change the narrative, lisa. he has to try to change it so that people aren't talking about the taxes. >> he will try. now tim kaine has not really been challenged. this is why i would really like to speak to the senator because he hasn't been challenged about hillary clinton's problems. >> right. >> you don't see him addressing well the email thing and benghazi thing. maybe that's why he doesn't do interviews because he knows he is going to get those kind of questions and he doesn't want to answer them, lisa. >> and, juan is over here acting like he has got a perfect candidate with hillary clinton. someone who deleted 30,000-plus emails with software called bleach bit. >> could not recover it. oh my goodness.
5:25 pm
>> lisa. >> but, bill, yeah. i do think senator tim kaine has plenty to defend with hillary clinton. and that's going to be governor mike pence's job to go in tonight to hold him accountable. lay out the indictment of hillary clinton. >> clinton foundation. the economy if he is able to. and as far as the email why we care about -- >> i have got to tell you something. watch the blacks and latinos vote. watch as that comes up whatever it is, it's okay. >> i also -- i want to make a point because i know the smear merchants on the far left website, jorge ramos is not boring. he's not. it's t. was a good line and i was cheap in using it. >> you are a man of humor. >> i'm a man of many talents. lisa, juan, thank you.
5:26 pm
plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. police in los angeles release a video tape showing a man they shot dead had a gun. some protesters don't care. is it legal on the case. gutfeld and mcguirk analyze the debate and predict the outcome as will i. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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5:30 pm
hunting down and killing young black men. in los angeles, cops shot 18-year-old car dal snell dead on saturday. mr. snell had a felony assault conviction. today, l.a. police released a videotape showing the dead man carrying a gun while being confronted by police. despite that, some protesters continue their anti-cop diatribes. with us now our is it legal duo kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. i have seen this and also in charlotte they have released all the video. again, it's inconclusive in charlotte. we looked at it every which way. we cannot see whether the suspect was shot dead in north carolina was actually raising. you can't. but this case. >> clear. >> this case is clear. guy had a gun. the guy turned to get police and police shot him dead. why, in the face of incontrovertible evidence and we are not talking about conspiracies who say other cops planted it. we are not talking about those people. there are a small segment of the american population doesn't care.
5:31 pm
>> no. >> if a police officer shoots a minority, dead, then the police officer is wrong, no matter what the circumstance why? what is that mentality? >> i'm third generation federal prosecutor. my dad was an fbi agent. i will go back to my dad. back in his generation even then it was the fuzz. bad cop. back in my dad's generation the fbi there was a one shot rule. in the fbi you gave them one shot at you. okay? it was still even my dad's generation. this mistrust of the fuzz. the cops were bad. the cops were the bad people. >> are you saying that the fbi, when your father was in the bureau, wouldn't shoot unless they shot at? >> it was a as it sewell sit rule you gave them one shot. >> that's the rule? >> i know. it's not the law. it's not the law. >> afford them that. however, that is not. >> if i'm a police officer and i see a guy with a gun and i have already told the guy hands up, drop it, and i see it, i'm shooting him. >> i'm getting back to that generation. even then it was this planted thing like just --
5:32 pm
there is such an anger. it is worse now. >> unwritten rule. >> it isn't the law today. more and more. >> these always blame the police no matter what the circumstance. is it based on they had a bad experience? they are extending out? is that what it is? >> yeah. it's an overall perception that really has been perpetuated by the number of stories that have been put forth as well in the media that has pit cops against communities. it doesn't matter if it's an african-american police officer trying to defend himself in using deadly force that is legally warranted against an armed suspect that is a minority, that actually has a weapon in their possession as well. they are still going to protest. >> many of these protesters have been roughed up by the cops themselves or disrespected. and they are anti-cop and they don't want to hear any facts and this is what it is all about. >> that video is 45 seconds from a nearby store. >> thank god, as i said, it's only a small, but it is -- they are there. >> it's there. >> and this guy the media
5:33 pm
sympathizes with him. >> ridiculous. >> it's october, that means halloween and clowns. all right, clowns are now overrunning the united states clowns are everywhere. they are in your driveway. they are cutting your lawn. clowns, clowns, clowns. >> some you hire. >> kids hate clowns generally speaking. they used to like them. and now they hate them that's because of the cheap horror movies where people dress up like clowns and they stab all the teenagers to death. in new haven, connecticut, the school board there. >> yeah. >> has banned clown costumes during the halloween season and other symbols of tear roar. the new haven school board says a clown costume is a symbol of terror. guilfoyle? explain that to me. >> i don't have any weird clown costumes. i have others. no one complains. >> the point simply is, they are upset. they have done this investigation on social media instagram accounts and reported sightings of clowns
5:34 pm
jumping out of bushes. terrorizing everyone. so they said no more. >> can they do that legally. >> they can up to a certain point. but like a school if you want to wear a clown costume, you have to make sure you are not being disruptive. you can't strip someone of their first amendment freedom of speech and expression. >> that's what i want to get to at. isn't this biased against clowns? >> clown bias now? >> clown bias. >> you can have clown bias. >> clown bias. >> you may be biased against clowns if those clowns are disrupting your school. >> what if they are just a nice clown. >> nice clowns are fine. >> they're banning all the clowns. >> no. >> they say and this -- i'm not exaggerating, instrument of terror, the clown costume. >> you know what? i think the aclu should take this up because there are nice clowns out there. >> they should drop the clown people on isis. all right? >> oh my god. >> parachute the clowns. right into aleppo. >> raqqa.
5:35 pm
>> raqqa. >> leave aleppo alone, please. >> wiehl has written 18,000 books. >> i don't think she sleeps. she writes more than trump. >> the only person who writes more than me is wiehl. you have a new book out today. what is the book. >> the candidate. we have a cable tv news reporter covering the two candidates in the last couple of months of the presidential campaign. and she realizes she covers the first female candidate and the first male hispanic candidate married to a billionaire wife with close ties to china, this billionaire wife that something is really. >> it's a thriller. >> it's a thriller. she has to discover what's wrong with one these candidates before that person gets elected. and the whole united states goes through a heck -- the clown -- put in a clown. >> clowns of terror. >> no clowns. lots of terror. there is lots of terror in this book. >> the book's name again is what? >> "the candidate." >> "the candidates."
5:36 pm
lis wiehl, everyone. she has a kid in college. give her a break. few weeks ago we covered the hillary clinton email situation here involving attorney general loretta lynch. you may remember she met with bill clinton in arizona on the airport tarmac and that caused a lot of controversy. today in the "new york post" author ed cline has a column detailing what happened in that arizona meeting. and you might want to check out that column in the "new york post." gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. they will predict what will happen in the presidential debate. and then i will wrap things up and make my own predictions moments away. i've been a soldier for 3 years. i've scaled the toughest terrain and faced plenty of my fears as part of my training. and for the past two years i've been a navy federal member. so even out here i can pay securely
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. . . thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the back of the book segment tonight, the v.p. debate which will begin shortly after 9:00 ernie time is, i don't know what it is. here now to lend us their wisdom bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. i'm not trying to run these guys down. both of them are decent men, gutfeld. i don't think that the five is going to hire them to sit on the dias any time soon. >> i think we are going to learn a lot from these men. they are the appealing spouse to the shocking candidate. as a drinker i'm arare ware of the phrase shot and beer.
5:41 pm
trump is the shot strumpt beer. he is the shocking thing that you feel from trump. is he shirley to laverne. bonnie to collide, garfunkel to simon. barney to fred. fred to ethel. tell me to shut up. >> i have no idea what that means. >> can i tell you an interesting fact about mr. pence? >> yes. >> his favorite movie is wizard of oz and he is against gay marriage. >> what does that mean? >> fascinating. >> there was no gay marriage in the wizard of oz. >> oh, never mind. >> why do we have gutfeld on? >> judy garland. >> let me predict. this we are going to start out with a note of by partisanship. they are going to both express relief unamerican first lady kim kardashian is back on america soil safe and sound after paris experience. he is going to attack hillary clinton. >> let me stop you there. so i'm not so sure about that because trump needs pence's gravitas. he needs pence to transfer some of that to trump.
5:42 pm
to stop the bleeding. so wouldn't, if you were advising the governor, say, look, we can go after hillary but first we have got to get the boss in a better spot. >> row assure the country that he is not -- trump is not a wild screwball that hates -- >> or greed head. prosecute the case on hillary against substance and kaine for his part he has a johnnie cochran like task to disprove the notion that she is a greedy crook and liar which is going to be difficult. >> i think kaine is just going to go after trump, gutfeld and try to be serious here for a moment. you have got kaine, who doesn't do interviews so we don't know what his defense of hillary clinton is. so if i'm pence, after i get through saying, look, my boss has got good programs. i'm a believer that he is going to help the country. then you pivot into and look what we're running against here. how you can defend, this senator kaine? how you can defend that, senator kaine? >> that's the entire debate
5:43 pm
will be back b. defense. kaine these convince people she is not a crook. and pence these convince people trump is not impulsive. tim kaine could go out and say he is mike pence and no one will know. >> that's true. but also pence -- excuse me, kaine will hammer home the fact that the historic aspect break the glass ceiling and first female and mike pence says she is less susan b. anthony and rabid camille cosby who rode her husband's coat tails to be where he is. despite the nice guy image that he has. if they start talking about themselves about what they did in their respective state, half the country will slip into a coma. it will be like watching a boxing match between lou dobbs and karl rove without the laughs. nobody wants to see it. >> you're going to have a moderator. i don't know this woman very well. cbs correspondent, well regarded. has a very good reputation.
5:44 pm
a latina, and you have got to assume that, you know, she is going to go after pence about trump's statements and miss universe and all of these other things. >> we already know that pence has won because the g.o.p. has already declared mike pence a winner. >> before the debate? >> they posted a page declaring it. and it makes sense. reince priebus is actually marty mcfly back to the future took the delorean to travel three hours ahead to find out who won. >> both parties are going to say they won. that's what both parties always do. >> prewritten like obituary. >> according to the polls this week mcguirk and that's bad news because you are a hillary supporter. she won that debate in the eyes of american people. >> she did. i agree with you it's not going to move the needle at all. a lot of people play drinking games some of the every time kaine says bigot, racist, bully. >> boom. >> unstable. you're not going to go to
5:45 pm
work tomorrow if you are doing the drinking game. that's what he is going to say all night long. >> it's not going to stop me from going to work. >> he will speak spanish so much even latinos will be saying no mas. >> bring harmonica. >> did you know that kaine brings his harmon i didn't harma everywhere he goes. >> we have two facts. we have pence's favorite movie wid wizard of oz and kaine brings the harmonica wherever he goes. sunday night, right? >> yes. >> quick prediction? trump going to make a come back? >> i think it's going to get uglier and uglier. >> do you really? >> yes. i think he will. >> three against one. >> yeah. >> you know the two moderators. >> and the crowd in the town hall. he goes republican primary trump. and. >> slash and burn? >> always funny and endearing to the american people. >> endearing? >> i think so, yes. >> endearing donald trump on
5:46 pm
sunday night? >> adorable. >> flashing whit and vicious attacks. >> wow. >> i think that appeals to people. >> okay. i'm going to say that pence is going to win the debate tonight. that's my prediction because is he very solid on policy. kaine, i don't know. i just don't know the guy. he has been around forever. >> take the suspense out of it. >> pence will win on points. very, very authoritative and methodical. thank you, gentlemen. we appreciate that. and before we hand it over to our election team, a couple of factor notes, we would like to remind you that there are a bunch of history quizes on bill o' everybody can take those. all right. thinthey are a lot of fun and we hope you take a look. become a premium member on the website. killing the rising son free of. number one nonfiction book in the world. and we thank you all. please know that all proceeds i get from bill o' are donated to charity. that's it for us tonight. thank you for watching the factor. the vice presidential debate
5:47 pm
up next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. i'm always looking out for you.
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test. test. test test.
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5:50 pm
this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> now the running mates get their chance. >> we will make donald trump the next president of the united states of america. >> we are not gullible people. we are not going to be tricked by donald trump. >> the men who would be vice president. mike pence and tim kaine facing off. it's their one and only debate of the campaign. >> let's just decide right here and right now that hillary clinton will never be elected president. >> will it be a pitch battle and who will make the stronger case
5:51 pm
for their ticket? >> more than 70% of the things they check about donald trump are either completely false or pants on fire. >> live from farmville, virginia. the vice presidential debate starts minutes from now. welcome to willit hall on the campus of longwood university. mike pence and tim kaine will square off on this stage. making their case for why their party's ticket should win the white house. good evening, i'm bret baier. >> i'm megyn kelly. millions will go to the polls and cast their vote. tonight, their running mates take center stage. >> 600 seats here.
5:52 pm
100 given to students at longwood university. by the way, this decision to have this debate here was made ten months before hillary clinton chose senator tim kaine. >> so a bit of a home court advantage. >> it wasn't on purpose. >> want to bring in our panel to get their thoughts. inside the spin room. back in new york city, dana per re reno. chris, let me start with you. the stakes for this evening. >> look, both of these guys have a job to do. that is to normalize and to standardize the top of their ticket. they want to say, look, you may not like the person i'm running with, and that goes for both of them. but they're okay. i vouch for that guy. and also to defend their record. you can guarantee that most of what they face is going to be about defending statements, actions, scandals, et cetera, et cetera, about the person with whom they're running. >> karen and tim kaine's wife
5:53 pm
ann, shaking hands there. >> it's either that -- >> one of the two. >> dana, your thoughts as we get ready to start here. >> well, aside from their announcement when they became the nominees and their convention speeches, you really haven't heard a lot from either of these two candidates, partly because the two at the top of the ticket take up the oxygen in the room. this is a chance for them to reintroduce themselves. and i think it's really important that for both of them they try to explain how do they see the role. and in terms of as an adviser, as a decision maker, somebody they could imagine in the oval office in the event he or she would need to serve. i think that's an important moment and a time for these two to shine and show personality, as well. >> as they introduce tonight's moderator, elaine quijano of cbs news who will be taking us through this evening's festivities, the one and only vice presidential debate. your thoughts as we understand from both camps they plan on making tonight about one man, and that is donald trump.
5:54 pm
that's the clinton and kaine plan, and donald trump himself live tweeting the event in response to which clinton's communications director said, "oh good." >> he is it at the center since the very beginning. obviously, pence has to defend his character. you can't get into litigating the details. the macro mission is really simple. the trump/pence ticket is changed. the hillary/kaine ticket the same. the clinton/obama people did that. that's the message. if he tells that message, he'll win. >> elaine quijano with cbs, just it telling the crowd here that they should not be a part of this. that is a familiar direction, yes, to these general election debate crowds. juan, your thoughts as we get ready to get under way. >> i think everybody really is interested in how big this will be in terms of the audience tonight. i don't think it has the power
5:55 pm
of something like when sarah palin was on the stage back in '08 or geraldine ferraro way back in '84. those were debates that really drew the nation's attention because of the presence of women for the first time. so here we have two establishment politicians. and i think the key really is will we see any change in the direction of the race. what we see in the polls since the presidential debates. if hillary clinton picking up momentum and speed especially in the swing states. can mike pence, who is an establishment republican figure, former congressman, governor of indiana, change the attitude so that people are tomorrow the headline writers, the talk show radio hosts, talking about the republicans as a revived ticket. on the other side, when you look at tim kaine, i think they're going to raise lots of issues about donald trump. but even so, more specifically, given the setting there in farmville, virginia, about race relations in the country.
5:56 pm
we recently had the shooting in charlotte. we know about so much that's been going on, donald trump telling white voters to watch the black and latino voters. i think all of those issues are ripe for this debate. >> what would be the typical role for the vice presidential candidate at a debate like this out on the campaign trail? they're supposed to be the attack dog. at a debate? >> well, look, i think, first of all, kaine has an interesting opportunity tonight. as i have said before, he does have the countenance and appearance of a sea otter, but he is a good trial lawyer, a good debater. he is. he seems like a very nice sort of suburban white guy dad. he is quite -- to the extreme. but he is a good trial lawyer who has a record as a good political practitioner. and i think his opportunity tonight, basically, is to say this. you may think that mike pence is a stable, normal guy. but let's talk about his views
5:57 pm
about what he did in indiana. so i think we get to see the role, the traditional role of the vice presidential candidate, which is attack dog, but maybe against each other. >> dana, what about the -- whether this is all goodbye to be the top of the ticket or you're going to get into some of their record as governor of indiana, as governor of virginia. and how much that plays into this debate? >> well, i think over a course of 90 minutes, they're not going to spend all of their time talking about donald trump and hillary clinton. of course, that will be the bulk of it. i do think that tim kaine will try to goad mike pence into having to answer questions about gay marriage and the religious reformation freedom act he tried to pass in indiana that back fired and businesses went crazy. had he to deal with that as governor. and i think that tim kaine would say you haven't had to answer for that on the campaign trail. i'm going make you do it tonight. the other question that hasn't been brought up really on the campaign trail for the most part but i think you'll hear tonight
5:58 pm
is his question of for women and when it comes to reproductive rights. i do think that tim kaine is going to try to needle away at mike pence, but mike pence will turn around and say, well, aren't you the pro life catholic guy for the democrats who gave away the hide amendment, which is technical. that's what you're going to get from them. they're very substantive people. >> we'll find out whether they are as tim kaine's wikipedia describes him, boring. >> we'll see. just minutes away from the vice presidential debate. it's quiet here. mike pence and tim kaine. we've got our golf voices again. >> exciting. >> the only vp debate of the 2016 campaign. we're back live from farmville, virginia. using technology is a critical differentiator. changing the expectation that the consumer will have for what a sports brand should be for them.
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♪ it is 9:00 p.m. here at longwood university at farmville, virginia. and the running mates are ready to roll. good evening, i'm megyn kelly. >> three minutes away from the one and only vice presidential debate of 2016. indiana governor, mike pence, and virginia senator, tim kaine, will face off with 90 minutes without any breaks. >> both men hoping to use that time to boost their party's ticket while reintroducing themselves to the american people. if you look at the recent polls for about a third of the country, this is the very first introduction. they don't know who these guys are. >> that's exactly right. and a lot of the talk, megyn,


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